Today’s Strange World Of Real Estate


Increasingly, real estate agents are experiencing two distinct markets. There are urban markets that are marked by extreme scarcity combined with a rapidly growing populace. There is also a suburban development marked by rapid expansion in space and building giving the agent much product to sell, but across a large area and at a much lower price. In simple terms, the urban market has to build up to achieve livable space to appease the massive need that the urban growth is fueling, but the suburban markets must build out to provide the type of living that people in these areas require. This includes single family homes with lawns and closely located highly rated schools systems. They both mean that real estate agents will always be a viable, necessary part of the real estate process.

Their necessity has not been degraded by the internet advances that have made so many service related jobs obsolete or at the mercy of digital app platforms. The internet has only enhanced the value that real estate agents offer to their clients. Real-estate agents can refine searches by having clients eliminate some homes or apartments outright by providing them specifications and pictures via social media and many other digital outlets in both the urban and suburban markets. Suburban markets are softer because they are effected more by economic conditions. However, markets in which the supply of real estate is limited always has a consistent need for the services of agents, but suburban markets still allow agents to sell multiple units because they are expanding so rapidly. Additionally, in both situations, it would be virtually impossible to find suitable living space without the aid of a professional, licensed real estate agent.

The markets are simply too large and in many cases, complex to access alone without professional help. Real estate agents represent their clients in negotiations among their many benefits to their clientele. They also understand all of the laws and other protocol that surrounds the buying process in both urban and suburban markets. Real estate is a highly regulated industry. This means that it requires professional assistance to prevent running afoul of federal and local statutes. Because they are professional and regulated, they also prevent their clients from falling for the many real estate scams that abound in today’s world. Buying and selling real estate is a monumental task that is facilitated greatly by the services of real estate agents across the country.

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